Gukson Capone

Hi I’m Gukson Capone, I’m a Physical Therapist and a student in Osteopathy living in Pordenone, Italy. Since from young age I was very curious and remembering always asking my father “WHY?” for everything.  Yes, may be it could be a little bit annoying but it’s shows my character who wouldn’t give up until I got to grasp the essence of a specific theme.  My mother is Japanese and she applies shiatsu on her clients, resolving many issues that they couldn’t solve with conventional medicines.

I started my journey with occidental medicine entering a university course of Physical Therapist. This profession helped me to get close to the patience’s world and their needs. I understood that while this profession is exceptional for after surgical cases (hip replacement, ACL tear ecc..), many other times we were looking at the symptoms but not treating the real cause of the problem.

So I decided to start a different journey, entering an Osteopathic School and there I learned that every part of the body is connected to the whole. How a misaligned cervical vertebra con be the cause of headache, neck pain or brachial nerve impingement. How an organ that doesn’t function well it can affect the back or the legs causing pain, stiffness or burning sensation.

What is the most precious thing? Is it money? Is it Love? I think that without having a healthy body and balanced energetic system we cannot go to work or enjoy our relationship.

I believe every human being deserve to have the ability and the knowledge to make the right choice in order to enhance your body, your spirit and mind. And this is the purpose of this website!

Welcome on board ^^